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In our sessions, I take a unique and client-centered approach to empower you to find your own answers and uncover the insights that reside within you. Contrary to the misconception that coaching is about having a hypeman, I believe that you are your most valuable resource.

My coaching philosophy centers around creating a deep, supportive space where you can explore your aspirations, emotions, and desires in a safe/emboldened space. With a diverse toolkit of coaching techniques, I will guide you to unlock your own profound insights that are uniquely yours.

My mission is to help you develop self-awareness, find inner peace, and enhance your emotional intelligence. In our coaching time together, you'll discover the path to where you want to go, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve in life. I specialize in personal growth, relationship dynamics, and providing support to the queer BIPOC community, understanding the nuances of dating and self-discovery as a minority.

Human Design

Curious about how Human Design can transform your life? Welcome! Human Design is a cosmic and grounded exploration of your energetic DNA. It's a comprehensive system based on your exact birth information (time/date/location) and is comprised of various disciplines including the Chinese Yi-Ching, classical astrology, the Kaballa Tree of Life, the Hindu Chakra System, biochemistry, neuroscience, and quantum mechanics.

At its core, Human Design provides you with a personalized blueprint to better understand yourself, your personal relationships, and your unique energy dynamics. What sets my approach to Human Design apart from others is how I prioritize embodying this information and how I make it actionable. HD is not meant to be information floating in the ethers of your mind - it's meant to be embodied wisdom. In our sessions, I will help you with specific, tactical aspects of your Human Design, which will enable you to:
- Make decisions you can trust over time
- Collaborate effectively in teams
- Build meaningful relationships
- Create aligned opportunities for yourself

By combining my Human Design expertise with my coaching skills, I offer a transformative experience for your life. You'll gain life-changing insights and become optimized in harnessing your energy for decision-making, teamwork, relationship-building, and seizing opportunities. Together, you'll not only unravel the mysteries of your cosmic blueprint but also apply this wisdom to create tangible improvements in your life.